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tom in jeepNewsletter, Happy Bird Corporation, Manufacturer of animal water products and publisher of fiction, non-fiction and humor titles, DECEMBER 2014     Internet and mobile version


News from the marketplace: Our Model 10011 Commercial Solar Sipper is a barking purrfect hit this fall with cat and dog lovers. Our Amazon and Ebay stores are flooded with orders for this backyard unit which covers the water, insulates, and provides solar heat.

Commercial Solar Sipper

Our preservation efforts:   When we started our company in 1985 we were determined to provide an all purpose drinking water device for outdoor animals. Part of the profits would go to help animals. We started with an Audubon Society licensing program to introduce our solar watering station to the birding public. As part of this we provided welcome prizes of our products for awards by Audubon in various nature contests.

In 1996, Scott Shalaway, well known birding and nature expert, working with our president, Tom Hollyday, co wrote an article about the Solar Sipper and wildlife.”Bird lovers go to great lengths to satisfy their backyard visitors. Unfortunately bird baths are usually that—bird baths. After just a few soakings, a traditional bird bath turns into a warm soupy broth of dirty water, shed feathers and droppings—hardly an  irresistible place to take a drink.

In 1989 (sic) Tom Hollyday, a lifelong animal lover, decided backyard birds deserved better. ‘I wanted to build a device that would keep water cool in hot =weather, use solar power to keep water liquid in cold weather and was easy to keep clean,’ he recalls. “In the process I eliminated the drudgery of scrubbing traditional bird baths and expense and bother of electric heating elements.”

Dr. Scott Shalaway, one of the nation’s leading authorities on attracting backyard birds, called the Solar Sipper ‘a remarkably simple and effective watering device. So often the best ideas are the simple ones. I’ve seen everything from cardinals and blue jays to chickadees, titmice and goldfinches drinking form my Sipper, which I keep on the ground about five feet from a tray feeder.” See also Scott’s Butterflies in the Backyard.

A new edition of our Tips on Watering Wild Birds in Waterers and Birdbaths will be published in the spring of 2015 to draw attention to the need for fresh unpolluted water for wildlife.

New wildlife products: Duncraft has  a new squirrel proof feeder that has collapsible perches so squirrel weight will collapse the perch. Good idea for the holidays.

Squirrel proof feeder

Plow and Hearth features a terrific ladybug home for the gardener in your holiday list. Everybody loves ladybugs

Ladybug Home


New books on Amazon from our Boston Writer Group

Dyan deNapoli, The Great Penguin Rescue.  Saving thousands of penguins from death in spilled oil.

Lynette Hartwig, Getting the Best Price on a Used Car. Practical tips to make money on cars.

Ophelia Sikes, Worcester Nights , Best fiction we’ve seen in a long time.

New books on Amazon from our Eastern Shore Writers Association writers blog

Theresa Moretimer, To Hide From Death. Recovering from spousal abuse.

Nancy Sakaduski, The Boardwalk. How to enjoy a visit to the Atlantic seashore.

Stephanie Kendall A Decade in Dorchester . Beautiful photographs and stories of Maryland.


A poetry honor for our editor: The poem “a blonde girl” will be published in the Winter Solstice issue of Mused, The BellaOnline Literary Review, December 21, 2014,

Thomas Hollyday’s cartoon collection Nature’s Viewpoint  will arrive on Amazon Kindle soon.

FREE EBOOK Slave Graves thrilling romantic murder mystery novel! Dr. Frank Light, archaeologist, is dragged into the marshes of Maryland. Maggie, his feisty colleague, is sure she’s found something amazing …  on Amazon Kindle Select


Our books are in Ebook at Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, ITunes. Stores include Powell’s, Barnes and Noble, Mystery Loves Company, Easton News Center, Wellesley Books.

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