My fictional town of River Sunday

Notes about my  fictional town of River Sunday

River Sunday is a small Chesapeake harbor town. Its fictional character has elements which  make it significantly different from most towns in the United States and perhaps in the world.

The town is a survivor of multiple conflicts stretching from primitive eras to the world conflict of 1939 to 1945. It is on a section of fertile land which has been fought over for possession by tribes and settlers for thousands of years. Even in recent times it has been a stepping stone to invasion of the nation by fleets and submarines seeking access to Washington and Baltimore. Early Clovis spearheads found in local swamps give clues to invaders as early as 9000BC.

Its location on navigable waterways have given it access to world travelers since earliest times. Its own culture is shaped form all these visitors. Indeed, early records point to pirates hiding from pursuit in the back rivers. Even earlier the Vikings travelled here for farmlands and timber while Aztec and Inca traders sought the trade with local Native Americans for furs.

Its citizens participated on both sides of every conflict in colonial America and in the early nation’s wars.

The early plantations of the English brought to Maryland the slave cultures of the Caribbean, strongly opposed by the Quaker settlers. Its inhabitants  fought on both sides of the Civil War.

Later immigration of hispanics for farm work developed their values in the area.

Due to its location and the constant sale and resale of its lands, many of the residents have been among the wealthiest entrepreneurs of America.  The owners immigrated in the colonial period, in the shipbuilding period of the early Nineteenth Century, the post Civil War period of war sales of land for taxes,  the late Nineteenth Centure period of industrial fortunes, the Gatsby era in the Stock Market flush of the Twenties, and the post world war two period of new industrialist fortunes.

Last but not least it has always been a place of maritime invention. From the fast primative canoes developed for the shallow water of the Bay by the native Americans  to the sleek privateers invented for war and the China Trade by the Americans, it has pioneered nautical engineering. One of its designs won the first Americas Cup.

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