Happy Bird book newsletter August 2015



The latest of our nature books, wildlife cartoon books, and the River Sunday Romance Mystery Series



Water for Backyard Pets and Wildlife by Thomas Hollyday

 cover water for backyard  no 2



This is the first book on the subject that we’ve seen anywhere. A winner for a book collection and for gifts. Check it out and we know you will agree this is a handy book.

You should sell the print version of this book in your store or have it in your nature library. Clean water is the best gift you and your customers can give to animals. .


Remember your backyard is nature’s playground. You do your best to make sure the birds have seed, and that the environment is safe for everyone. But are you really providing the best watering options for your pets and wild friends? This book will ensure that you create the ideal habitat for all animals that come to visit you!



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Nature’s Viewpoint by Thomas Hollyday

 natures viewpoint cover 1115




Want to know what the backyard nature creatures really think? Boston Cartoonist Thomas  Hollyday is loved for his simple insightful creatures. In The Nature Viewpoint  he records the hilarious comments of his imaginary nature realm drawn  from his childhood on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  A recognized humorist with a fluid line, his playful  wildlife drawings  guide us through the  year with some of the funniest most poignant cartoons anywhere.Thomas Hollyday’s funny animal cartoons have given us good laughs when they have appeared on the national scene He was voted to membership in the prestigious New York Cartoonist Graphics Artist Guild. Chuckle at this collection of his thoughtful and very amusing drawings, penned in his unique, easy to understand and simply drawn style.


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Slave Graves by Thomas Hollyday






















                                      Ghosts are hiding below.


An archeologist tries to save a colonial site against racial and financial violence. Maggie his feisty coworker is sure she’s found something amazing. A clean mystery for the family.


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CONTACTS for Thomas Hollyday and Happy Bird


Upcoming bookshows in MARYLAND



Look for this author’s books at the Eastern shore Writers Association booth at the Baltimore Book Festival, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland, September 25-27, 2015



Upcoming bookshows in MASSACHUSETTS


Check out Tom’s books at the Boston Writers SIG booth at the Boston Book Festival, Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts



Where to buy our books


Thomas Hollyday Ebooks are sold at Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo, Itunes.


Paperbacks are available at Barnes and Noble and selected independent bookstores

Oregon: Powells,

Maryland: Mystery Loves Company, Easton News Center,

Massachusetts: Wellesley Books.



Ask for wholesale and retail prices   tomah@solarsippers.com



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