a writer’s thoughts about violence

All of us write about violence in our novels. We often hit the subject from different viewpoints.

It strikes me that the way to improve the country with regard to the outbreaks of violence is to collect all the ideas, the sources, the answers that have been researched and combine them into one large list. We might then approach the list with small steps rather than trying for a one stop solution to all the problems. Mental disease can be approached by a variety of answers including community watchdogs for troubled teens as well as many other solutions. Just like in our novels, these various solutions can eventually lead to real progress in solving the country’s outbreak of violence. Once we realize that no Hollywood star is coming to town to get rid of the bad cattle empire we can begin to make some changes. So, step by step with attention to all the issues, is the answer, not some great one time idea. Do we need a guru to keep track of the various  programs. Maybe.

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