Tho9mas Hollyday, inventor and writer

olar Sipper® Products for Consumers   2016

Solar Sippers were invented by Thomas Hollyday, writer o f nature articles, activist for water resources for animals, and author of many Chesapeake Bay mysteries and romances available at Amazon Kindle.


                      “The Solar Sipper is simply the best all season non-electric drinker.”

                                    “A remarkably simple and effective water device”

                          “Far better than any open dish in preventing harmful bacteria”

                                     “Absolutely safe and provides fresh water”

                               “Energy efficient way to heat and cool the water”

                                            “we ship all over the world”


Join our team at Happy Bird Corporation in helping animals get fresh water. For twenty eight years our outstanding and ingenious solar heated design has satisfied the hygienic and portable needs of wild birds, pets, wildlife and poultry. Profits from its sale have promoted awareness of water for animals.



     Check out our prices on Amazon Solar Sipper.  See our storefront at

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