2. Magnolia Gods

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River Sunday Romance Mysteries Series, Book 2: “It’s a high altitude love affair.” A pretty stunt pilot finds love with her boss as they uncover murder and espionage in a corrupt corporation. On July 4, 1946, Navy Captain Edward Lawson attempted to fly an experimental seaplane into the hands of the Soviet Union. The top-secret plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean before he could succeed with his traitorous action. His body, and the wreck of the plane, were lost at sea.

Mike Howard runs a small aviation museum, and, several decades later, his war-hero family still feels the sting of Lawson’s unpatriotic actions. When Mike is pressured by Lawson’s grandson, Jesse, to mount a search for the traitor’s corpse, his first instinct is to vehemently refuse. However, his scholarly instincts quickly get drawn into the hunt, and he soon realizes that there is much more to the story. As Mike’s corporate sponsors passionately lobby for him to stop stirring up old issues, it is made clear to him just how tangled the web of espionage has become.

Soon bodies are dropping like flies and Mike is forced on the run. He desperately unravels the threads of deceit, scrambling for the truth before his own life – and the lives of those he loves – are brutally added to the list of sacrificed men of conscience.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Thomas Hollyday fiction and non-fiction goes to support drinking water resources for wildlife.


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